The OPEC Oil Embargo of 1973 caused an energy crisis in the United States that not only hit Walt Disney World hard, but hit the tourism industry as a whole. Luckily they got through it and that kind of thing only happens once in a lifetime, right? It would happen again just six years later with the gasoline and energy crisis of 1979.

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Orlando Sentinel
Disney’s ‘teletip’ full of tidbits for travelers worried about gas (Jul 13 1979)
Walt Disney World attendance declines 15% since mid-June (Jul 13 1979)
A squeeze on tourism (Oct 21 1979)
Attractions pray for survival of car culture (Oct 21 1979)
Orlando gasoline: pinching gets tighter (Feb 9 1979)
Iran strife blamed as 3 firms cut back on deliveries of oil (Feb 9 1979)
Week of July 4th ‘soft’ for attractions (Jul 11 1979)
Florida plans ads to give status on gas (Jun 30 1979)
Tourist spots siphon state gas reserves (Jun 20 1979)

Tampa Times
Walt Disney Productions fueled by plans for future (Jul 13 1979)

Washington Post
OPEC to Raise Prices 14.49 percent in 1979 (Dec 18 1978)

Philip K Verleger, Jr
The US Petroleum Crisis of 1979 (Yale University)

The Tribune
OPEC to Hike Oil Prices 14.5% in 4 Steps in 1979 (Dec 18 1978)

Santa Cruz Sentinel
Iran Refinery Strike Threatens Oil Exports (Oct 31 1978)

Washington Post
The Great Oil “Crisis” of ‘79? The Numbers Spell Out Fraud (Jul 29, 1979)

US Energy Information Administration
Annual Energy Review 2012

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