Toy Story Land is a pretty solid land that sticks to Disney’s history of giving everything they build a backstory. The backstory of Toy Story Land is that it’s a little toy amusement park that Andy built in his backyard using his toys. Today I want to take a look at what it cost to build. Not what it cost Disney to build, but what it cost Andy to build.

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Just how many toys does Andy own, and how many were needed to build his backyard amusement park? To find out I went to #ToyStory Land and I counted… and counted… and then I cursed Disney Dan’s name for giving me the idea for the video and then I counted some more. It turns out Andy has a ton of toys, and his little backyard project was worth around $1,511.01

To lay some ground rules, I priced everything I could find off of Amazon using today’s prices. Now could I have gone and done endless digging to try and find the 1990’s prices for all of these toys? No. I would have lost my mind. Besides, Disney just put Forky into #ToyStoryLand, so now it’s canon that the backyard exists whenever Toy Story 4 takes place. Does that itself make any sense since Andy gave away his toys in Toy Story 3? No but don’t think too hard about it. Just go see Toy Story 4 featuring Forky in theaters this Friday.

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