Carousel of Progress WDW – Martins Ultimate Tribute

Finally. Another HD edit I’ve always wanted to do. Start with how and why Orlando got the attraction, where it might have gone and why it went where it did. Following a look at how it fitted into Tomorrowland phase two, experience the original 1975 version in multi angle video from a combination of 1980s and early 90s footage, a remade 1975 act IV with source 1985 and clean live 1975 audio.

Next see the changes made through the 80s and early 90s, then look at the major changes made in 1993.

And then, walk into 2015 Tomorrowland for a full look around the attraction in HD. Watch a reconstructed source quality full preshow video, then board the carousel for the full attraction, shot from multiple angles in full HD with a new stereo source quality audio mix.

Shot without a recording ban. 67 minutes long.