China – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute

Continuing my re edited tour of EPCOT Centers original pavilions, see the history of the China pavilion, how it was designed and laid out, and built.

Then go back to the 1980s for a tour, complete with a new multi camera edit of Wonders of China, with source quality audio and screen flicker minimised or removed.

See the changes made to the pavilion, and then explore it as it is today, in full HD. Walk inside, and experience a brand new multi camera edit of Reflections of China. This was shot with 3 groups of 3 screens, enabling me to concentrate on any group of screens as desired with minimal camera shake or movement, and smoothly pan around the theatre or zoom as needed during post production as opposed to trying to capture the desired footage and angles whilst shooting. With a new stereo source score / ALD narration / clean live ambiance audio mix, and again no screen flicker.

Exit the theatre, look around the market and stores, and then look around Nine Dragons restaurant.