Disney MGM Studios – The Tours history 1 of 3

The first part of an exhaustive, detailed look at the Disney MGM Studios Backstage tours history. This first part is an hour long, and begins with the concept, design and construction of the studios tour. A detailed look at the original layout of both the tram and walking tours leads to a full multi camera edit of the original tram and walking tour circa 1989-91 including

Original queue and load
Original tram route via bungalows
Original boneyard
Catastrophe Canyon
New York Street and Washington Square by tram
Two Dick Tracey’s Crimestoppers New York Street tram hold ups
Original unload
Half way point with Toon Garden and New York Gardens
Original water effects show in full multi angle
Visual effects stage in full multi angle
Chromakey stage in full multi angle
Studio galleries
The Lottery and making of The Lottery
The Lottery props
Sound effects with Mel Gibson and Peewee Herman
Editing with George Lucas, C3PO and R2D2
The Walt Disney Theatre with Michael and Mickey