Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary with Dream… and Shine Brighter by Martin

To celebrate 30 years of Disneyland Paris, the park runs 4 times a day (heat allowing) this parade / stage show anniversary extravaganza. It features dozens of performers, a parade up Main Street, 4 main stages plus the hub, amazingly energetic dancing and stunning choreography, and a pumping music track that squeezes so many songs into one show.

Start by looking at the anniversary park decor and the Gardens of Wonder in front of the castle, then take your place for the impressively lavish parade / show. Shot in 4K from 10 different angles I covered as much of the action as possible including all 4 stages. Audio is a very good quality clean live mix from 6 sources to ensure I got each stage audio track when appropriate plus the parade and underliner. I hope you enjoy this great ambitious piece of entertainment.

Next take a peek at the castle fountain show, then as the sun sets take your spot for D-Light, the 30th drone, fountain and projection show that precedes IllumiNations, again shot multi angle with a carefully mixed audio track to eliminate as much crowd noise as possible.

Happy 30th Disneyland Paris!