France at Epcot – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute

The next in my completely new EPCOT Center re edits. See the history of the pavilion, it’s design, layout and development. See changes made over the years, then take a full HD present day tour.

For Impressions de France, experience a new source quality audio mix and something I’m very proud of for the visuals. Each screen was individually tripod shot in 4K and then assembled as a five screen “strip” in post production. This enabled me to pan and zoom across all the screens, and include as many screens as I felt necessary at any given time, for maximum quality and without loosing resolution. I hope this is the highest quality video of Impressions de France available in the fan community.

Afterwards take a tour of both Monsieur Paul and Chefs de France, and a tour of the pavilion at night. The edit was purposely shot before work on Ratatouille began to capture the original pavilion layout and ambiance. Enjoy!