The Land part one of three – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute

Continuing with my completely new edits from EPCOT Center, here is the original Land pavilion. Start with a detailed look at the 1978 Land and Mineral pavilion, followed by a tour of the never built hybrid version. See how this version became what was finally built, and take a concept and layout tour of the final design.

After a construction montage take an all new, full tour of the 1980s pavilion from outside to in. Walk around the pavilion, see The Good Turn, the Farmers Market and the original pavilions layout and d├ęcor.

Highlights include Listen to the Land – a new edit of a complete multi angle ride through of the original version of the boat ride. With a new audio mix.

Kitchen Kabaret – a brand new multi angle edit of the complete stage show, with a new higher quality than before stereo source audio mix.

Symbiosis – a new edit of the full Harvest Theatre film, with a new clean audio mix and video quality enhanced and stabilized as much as possible.