The Living Seas – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute

The next in my series of completely new edits. Starting with an in-depth look at the pavilions history, and the original 1978 “The Seas” pavilion, see how a “hybrid” version developed and would have looked before coming to the 1986 version for an in depth look at its design, layout and construction.

Next, take a look outside and then walk in for a look at the queue and exhibits before reaching the holding rotunda for a faithful and accurate high quality recreation of the original United Technologies preshow one. Proceed into one of the preshow theatres for a new, high quality edit of the original “The Sea” preshow with ALD audio.

Leaving the preshow, browse the hydrolator hall before your descent, again with higher quality multi angle video and source / clean audio.

Arriving at the sea bed, again take a look around before boarding a Seacab for a multi angle video, higher quality audio ride with Commander Fulton to Seabase Alpha. Take a complete tour of the seabase, the divers lockout chamber, all six exhibit modules, J.A.S.O.N. and the viewing area. See both versions of The Coral Reef restaurant and take an authorised, accompanied tour of the United Technologies VIP lounge.

Finally, see the changes made to the pavilion over the years. 72 minutes long.