WDSP – From Disney MGM Europe to Disney Studios Paris by Martin

To mark the studios park 20th anniversary here is an edit that goes back to the original plans for Disney MGM Studios Europe park, takes a detailed look at them and why things changed. Take a look at the revised plans, and then go back to 2002 for a full tour of the park as it was when it opened. Plenty of multi angle video and source audio of full experiences of Armageddon, Rock n Roller Coaster and Cinemagique, plus highlights of Motors Action, The Magic of Disney Animation, Studio Production Tour, Behind the Magic tram tour, Disney Cinema Parade and Animagique. There’s also plenty of looking around the park as it was when it opened.

This is also my first video where I’ve chosen to narrate as opposed to using text the history section. Call it a test. As I’ve said this could be the plan moving forward, but still using text for facts and figures – and I won’t be talking over the actual park sections or attractions.